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2024 beach Season

Salt Rag Beach Towels

Our towels are handmade by local artisans in Istanbul, Turkey. Designed to be lightweight, repel-sand and look great!


Blue Pineapple Rag
Blue Atlantic Rag
Blue Island Rag
Blue Checker Rag

Why Salt Rag?


Our flat-woven design coupled with premium Turkish cotton allows for a sand-free beach experience.

Portable Design

Salt Rags don't take up much space in your beach bag. They can be folded up to the size of a water bottle!

 Top Quality Turkish Cotton

Only the highest of quality Turkish cotton is used by skillful artisans in the creation of every Salt Rag.  


Salt Rags are great for far more than just laying out at the beach or pool. Use them indoors as a cozy blanket or wear them as a fashionable coverup.

Salt Rags vs Regular Towels

Turkish Beach Towel


Terry Beach Towel

40" x 70"

Towel Size

30" x 60"

Turkish Artisan

Made by

Chinese Factory


100% Organic






Fast Drying


Words From Our Customers...

See why they love Salt Rag Beach Towels!

Shyne D.

"I never leave the house without a Salt Rag! I have them in almost every style to match my suits! <3"

Alex A.

"Salt Rags are dope. They keep the sand off me and are super comfortable to lay on."

Tagen M.

"I love my Salt Rag!! They are great quality and seem to get softer with every wash!"

Matt A.
"Salt Rag really brightens up my day... Almost as much as a trip to the beach does!"